Fighting for Small Businesses. Roanoke County. Family Values. Craig County. Gun Rights. Salem City. Tax Cuts. Montgomery County.

“As the next Delegate from the Roanoke and New River Valleys Joe would continue Delegate Greg Habeeb’s work to advance pro-life, fiscally conservative, and pro-Second Amendment principles!”

David SuetterleinVirginia Senate (VA-19)

“Joe is a conservative who understands the role of government and values fiscal responsibility. Joe will represent the character of our district well and I look forward to supporting him.”

C. Jordan LabiosaNew Castle Town Council

Leader on Taxes

In his first term, Joe was instrumental in the largest tax cut in thirty years. As a Certified Public Accountant, he is committed to simplifying and reducing our tax burden.

Protector of Families

Joe is a proud husband and father to five children. He understands the importance of our family values and is a proven fighter for our second amendment rights.

Job Creator

As the owner of the Salem Ice Cream Parlor and Katie’s Ice Cream and Chocolates, Joe knows how to create jobs and balance a budget. He will push back against job-killing government regulations.

McNamara: Democrats Continue to Leave Leadership Vaccuum

Tomorrow, August 18, 2020, The Virginia General Assembly will convene for a Special Session. It will mark nearly five months since the legislature has met. During this time, Virginia has weathered the worst pandemic in a century, a severe…

McNamara Defends Small Business

Del. Joe McNamara defends small businesses and workers by opposing changes to wage laws.

McNamara breaks down average Virginia Teacher Salary

"NORFOLK — To help lawmakers tackle a bipartisan goal of raising teacher pay, state budget staff tried to untangle for them exactly what the average teacher’s pay is in the state. The takeaway: There are different ways to calculate that…