ROANOKE, Va. – Gov. Ralph Northam signed the “Remote Learning” bill this week, which allows unscheduled remote learning during inclement weather and emergency situations that prevent in-person learning.

Delegate Joe McNamara, who represents parts of the Roanoke and New River valleys, introduced the bill to the House of Delegates, and state Sen. David Suetterlein, who represents much of Southwest Virginia, introduced an identical bill in the Senate.

Both passed their respective chambers.

“We’re still going to have snow days, but the next time there is a pipe break in your school or the broiler doesn’t work or the heating and air condition systems are out we’ll have an opportunity to continue to learn,” said McNamara.

Both bills state that no school division can use more than 10 unscheduled remote learning days in a school year unless the superintendent of public instruction grants an extension.

Source: McKinley Strother, WSLS 10

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